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Updating dev log

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......@@ -3,10 +3,26 @@ after this branch is merged with master.
The carddav branch is an experimental branch for a new datastore backend for
CardDAV servers. The idea is with this one can sync BBDB and MS Outlook
contacts to a CardDAV server.
fcontacts to a CardDAV server.
* Status
** Thu Apr 18 18:16:40 IST 2013
All sync related stuff is now sorted. All changes on both client and server
get picked up and "the needful" is done! Hurrah.
The next big item to crack is to do a thorough map of the fields and vCard
attributes. This is particularly important given the terrible situation
with respect to interop and lack of standardization.
In the spirit of "be flexible in what you accept, be conservative in what
you put out"... as applicable to our situation, I think the best approach
is to identify the most popular extended attributes for various situations,
and to (a) look for them to input data and (b) to write redundant
attribtues for different clients so the generated vCard files will be
readable by multiple clients.
** Tue Apr 16 18:40:45 IST 2013
Lots of progress. Now the batch_create and batch_update methods are
......@@ -116,6 +132,9 @@ Clock summary at [2013-04-16 Tue 18:44]
** April
*** April 18, 2013
CLOCK: [2013-04-18 Thu 16:36]--[2013-04-18 Thu 18:16] => 1:40
*** April 16, 2013
CLOCK: [2013-04-16 Tue 15:04]--[2013-04-16 Tue 18:40] => 3:36
CLOCK: [2013-04-16 Tue 11:19]--[2013-04-16 Tue 11:38] => 0:19
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