Commit c8f58c81 authored by Sriram Karra's avatar Sriram Karra

--op=clear-sync-artifacts now works with the Collection changes

parent 237be2b0
......@@ -418,15 +418,21 @@ class Asynk:'Try `python -h` for options')
def op_clear_sync_artifacts (self):
db1 = self.get_db1()
colls = self.get_colls()
if len(colls) < 1 :
logging.error('Insufficient args for op clear-sync-artifacts.')
coll = colls[0]
db1 = coll.get_dbid()
fid = self.get_folder_id(db1)
fid = coll.get_fid()
if db1 == 'bb' and fid == None:
fid = 'default'
f1, t = self.get_db(db1).find_folder(fid)
f1, t = coll.get_db().find_folder(fid)
if not f1:
logging.error('Folder with ID %s not found. Nothing to do',
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