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Added doc/ as a repo of useful webdav/carddav tips

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This file just contains some snippets of documentation that is useful reference for carddav development.
* WebDAV status codes
The following is extracted from:
8.8.5 Status Codes
201 (Created) - The source resource was successfully copied. The
copy operation resulted in the creation of a new resource.
204 (No Content) - The source resource was successfully copied to a
pre-existing destination resource.
403 (Forbidden) _ The source and destination URIs are the same.
Goland, et al. Standards Track [Page 39]
RFC 2518 WEBDAV February 1999
409 (Conflict) _ A resource cannot be created at the destination
until one or more intermediate collections have been created.
412 (Precondition Failed) - The server was unable to maintain the
liveness of the properties listed in the propertybehavior XML element
or the Overwrite header is "F" and the state of the destination
resource is non-null.
423 (Locked) - The destination resource was locked.
502 (Bad Gateway) - This may occur when the destination is on another
server and the destination server refuses to accept the resource.
507 (Insufficient Storage) - The destination resource does not have
sufficient space to record the state of the resource after the
execution of this method.
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