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Updating internal stash README

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......@@ -3,27 +3,41 @@
** Critical
- Determine MVP user stories
- Try out ASynK on Google AppEngine
- API based model for invoking sync
- oAuth for Google
- Export state.json:
- Store state.json in Dropbox
- Download / upload state.json to local storage
*** Ops
- AWS provisioning
- https certification
** Good to have
- Ability to sync to same database type
- Ability to sync to same database type - done
- Autodiscover URLs for Exchange and CardDAV
- Get rid of the sync tags stuff completely from all the stores
* user stories
** New user comes to site and wants to know what this tool is all about
** New user wants to try a trial sync between
* Branch refactor-a (gc-gc refactor)
** Thu Jan 22 14:59:53 IST 2015
Sent a request for beta testing the branch to asynk-users. Will merge to
master and announce as rc
** Tue Jan 20 10:20:30 IST 2015
Got the gc-gc sync working. Hurray!!
Next steps: Make sure BB:CD sync works as before as also some of the CD:CD
stuff. Then send out a request to dev mailingn list asking for people to
take this for a spin.
** Fri Nov 07 13:12:57 IST 2014
Updated the main driver for --op=sync. There is one interesting blocker
......@@ -69,6 +83,9 @@
'default' --store karra.etc karra.etc --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp
./ --op=create-profile --db cd cd --store http://baikal/card.php/ \
localhost:8008 --folder 'default' 'default' --name testcdcd --user-dir=~/
./ --op=sync --dry-run --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp
./ --op=sync --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp
./ --op=sync --dry-run --name gcgctest --user-dir=/tmp --log=debug
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