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<p>Some of the key features of ASynK are:
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<span class="announce_title">Sun Mar 24 22:01:16 IST 2013</span>
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We have just pushed release v0.4.1 out. Key changes are:
<li>Double-quote and newline characters in many fields are now
quoted before being written to BBDB. </li>
<li>sync_dir profile config was when set to SYNC1WAY was being
ignored; same was case with the conflict_resolve config variable </li
<li>list-folders operation was not working with BBDB data stores </li>
<li>folder name field was getting written to BBDB multiple times </li>
<li>You can create new profiles to non-existent BBDB datastores;
files will get created on sync. </li>
<li>Outlook backend was having issues with the BBDB timestamp
format. Fix so BBDB<->Outlook sync works. </li>
<li>A bunch of errors flagged by pychecker static analysis have
been fixed </li>
<li>A bunch of bugs fixed in handling of the 'affix' BBDB field
and synching it to and from google google
Go grab the latest release from the <span
class="announce_download">Downloads page</span>!
<span class="announce_title">Thu Jul 05 15:00:01 IST 2012</span>
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<h3>Download Pre-packaged Bundles</h3>
Bundles are available in the following formats.
<li>The latest stable release: v0.3.0
<li>The latest stable release: v0.4.1
<li> <a
Gzipped tar archive</a>
<li> <a
Zip File </a>
......@@ -238,6 +273,13 @@
Earlier releases:
<li> v0.3.0 <a
(.tar.gz)</a> <a
<li> v0.2.2 <a
(.tar.gz)</a> <a
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<div id="doc_text" class="section" style="display:none">
The current stable released vesion is v0.3.0. Refer to the
The current stable released vesion is v0.4.1. Refer to the
Announcements and FAQ sections to know what's changed between
versions. Please note that version v0.1.0 was significantly
different, and its documentation is available as <a
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Copyright &copy; 2012 Sriram Karra (karra.etc at gmail dot com)<br/>
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