1. 02 May, 2014 1 commit
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      Clean up unwanted state.py helpers related to exgid · bee7acba
      Sriram Karra authored
      We put in a lot of code for exchange store profile management that
      was copid from the outlook code. In particualr the use of the olgid
      profile state flag was replicate. However we now do not need to use
      that methodology at all. Recall that the olgid was used to create
      a custom named integer extended property for each profile involving
      outlook. In Exchange store we just put all of the sync tags as
      part of a separate custom property that is a named string identified
      extended property.
      We could have done something similar for Outlook as well, but I did
      not have this understanding of MAPI / Outlook at that time. Also the
      human readnable XML base protocol has clarified many things and hence
      this enlightnment.
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      exchang: guid/gid support in the state.py · e0a99c2b
      Sriram Karra authored
      Replicate some of the code for initialising and managing the GUID/GID
      stuff for the new Exchange store. the gid_base logic is itself a bit
      unnecessary as we want to get away from the sync_tag business
      completely. But that will be a separate activity and we will figure
      it out later. For now we will just go ahead with replicating the
      functionality as it is for OL.
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      Auto migrate user custom json system to config.py based system · f03e1dba
      Sriram Karra authored
      The existing config.json system is not very amenable to changes.
      We realzed this when the carddav branch made some changes an
      introduced v5 of the json. PUshing out major updates like this
      can be intrusive to those users who have made customizations to
      their copy of the config.json file. To address this issue, The
      modified protocol will be as follows:
      - Teh system will load the stock version of the latest config json
      - the parsed config dictionary will be passed to the user in
        user_dir/config.py which can be any python code. It is expected
        that the user modifies the config idctionary and sends it back
      This way we can keep pushing updates to teh config json while
      seamlessly retaining the user customizations.
      In this patch, the auto migrate will work if the user has not
      made any changes to his json. If we identify any changes then
      The auto migrate will stop and user will be asked to manually
      migrate his changes.