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  5. 02 Jul, 2012 1 commit
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      Store all the group memberships of google contacts · a8ade035
      Sriram Karra authored
      Previously only the "active" folder (i.e. the folder in the currently
      processed sync profile) was saved and restored. This meant that any
      contact which was marked as being in multiple google contact groups,
      lost information about its other group membership. now this is fixed.
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      postal_map support for gc and bb for address labels · a9c15154
      Sriram Karra authored
      - support for the postal_map configuration in db_config
      - ensure that the primary address is treated properly in
        both ol and gc
      - ensure all addresses are handled and written to gc,
        not just the first one like earlier
  12. 10 May, 2012 1 commit
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      Google Contacts Projection madness · 39a05116
      Sriram Karra authored
      full, thin, and base - these are the three things we have seen
      in the 'projection' part of the contact URL. Each seems to have
      problems. Worse, the Id in contact entries contain different things
      at different times, including hte http field.
      Here we try to perform a deterministic set of transofmraitons on
      the GCID, the intent is that at every point where this GCID is
      critical, we ensure the same format of ID is used.
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  14. 27 Apr, 2012 3 commits
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      Various minor field sync issues with bbdb and gc · 997845a5
      Sriram Karra authored
      - 'non-standard custom fields' were getting lost from BB
        due to incorrect handling of custom properties after the
        format of custom field in the props was changed
      - Remove the sync tag from the custom dictionary on cntact_gc
      - minor formatting fixes.
    • Sriram Karra's avatar
      Implement a dirty() flag for items · ef389c09
      Sriram Karra authored
      This is readily usable for BBDB - where we have to manually set the
      updated timestamp only for entries that are updated. Google and
      Outlook servers take care of this so nothing to be done there.
    • Sriram Karra's avatar
      Set created() field for Google entries if not available · 6a950a15
      Sriram Karra authored
      The created value is stored as a custom value. We do not get this
      as a property from Google. A lack of a field here affects entries
      synched to BBDB and Outlook. We settle for a compromise where we
      just set the current time as the creation time - it will have the
      effect that any contact copied to BBDB, say, will have a logial
      and correct time as creation time. Since it is writte back to
      Google as a custom property, nothing gets affected
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      Part 2/2 of split - implement a fully profile driven system · 49e93dff
      Sriram Karra authored
      Biggish change that includes the following changes:
      - login to Google or read outlook only after all cmd line checks
        are completed
      - Sync Profile concept extended throughout the code:
        - support for reading and writing to the state file
        - --op=create-profile and --op=list-profiles implemented
        - SyncLists class now takes a profile name to track state
        - sync labels will now contain the profile name, and will look
          like follows: asynk:profile:gc
        - Outlook sync label gid for custom properties will be
          unique for each sync profile. gc sync gids will be in a
          separate namepsace from bb sync gids. They will
          autoincrement at the time of new profile creation
        - the last successful sync will maek that profile the default
          profile and will be used on subsequent runs if a
          profile name is not explicitly stated
      - Rename all the op handlers to start with op_
      - implement op_del_folder handler
      - Move sync label creation and parsing to state.py from utils.py
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      Many Minor edits and fixes · 9fda344d
      Sriram Karra authored
      - support for the IM addresses
      - support for postal addresses in google coontact entries
      - use itemid as binary encoded and entryid as raw binary ids in OL
      - Rename all the named properties GOUT_* to ASYNK_* in preparation
        for a future rename of project to AsynK
      - etc.
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  27. 25 Mar, 2012 1 commit
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      Some infra for object attributes - over and above existing item properties · b9416353
      Sriram Karra authored
      Differentite between item properties that get written to a datastore
      and attributes that are only required for general book keeping for
      the run time of the program. Other than that distinction these two
      sets can be managed similarly. But for absolute clarity there are
      now two separate and distinct APIs
  28. 21 Mar, 2012 1 commit
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      Google Folder and Contact wrappers commit · 85cbae56
      Sriram Karra authored
      With this commit the main derived classes GCContact and GCContactFolder are
      defined, and useable to create and update contacts on the server. Even the
      prep_gc_sync_lists() routine is working as it was before the rewrite.
      This means that the Google Contacts side of things is about 75% ready for sync
      stuff to be implemented.