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      Do not continue if bbdb records cannot be parsed · f9ffe9a3
      Sriram Karra authored
      During a sync it causes problems if we try to ignore bbdb record
      parse errors. This is particularly dangerous with the contact
      delete syncing, as the records that could not be parsed are treated
      as deletions and removed from the remote end.
  4. 01 Jul, 2012 2 commits
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      Make ASynK installable in a central directory and have per-user config dirs · 4d8e5b5f
      Sriram Karra authored
      With this change, ASynK will try to use ~/.asynk/ as the configuration
      directory to contain config.json and state.json. Also the logs and backups
      directory will be stored here.
      Note that this cannot be changed through a config.json variabel as this
      directory itself is needed to locate config.json. The following
      heuristic is used:
      Asynk user directory is set to either ~/.asynk or the value of --user-dir
      command line argument. If ~/.asynk/ is empty then the state.json and
      config.json files are copied from the asynk application root directory.
      This will help older users to transparently migrate their config and state
      files to the new location without havign to do anything else.
      Finally, made asynk.py executable so it can be executed directly.
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      Log to file and bbdb backup support · 04185ce4
      Sriram Karra authored
      - logs/ backups/ directories created if not found
      - bbdb database backed up for every sync
      - logs to file at DEBUG level
      - logs to console at INFO level
  13. 29 Apr, 2012 3 commits
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      Fix the input parameter parsing and requirements to factor BBBD store/folder · 19fbe871
      Sriram Karra authored
      We have changed BBDB structure sucht hat a 'store' is a bbbd file, and
      a folder is an optional logical structure isnide the file specified
      by the folder note field. This new structure needs follow on support
      from parser, and the operation implementations.
      With this fix, we now have --list-folders, --nw-folder --new-store and
      --del-folder working as expected, even on BB. Code has been verified
      with GC, where again, a concept of store has been impelemented, and
      refers to the email address or the account login.
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      "Folder" support for BBDB · 2517cfdb
      Sriram Karra authored
      BBDB does not support a built in folder system. It is all one flat
      collection of contacts in the .bbdb. Here we try to logically
      arrange the contacts collection into folders based on a notes field.
      By default this notes field should have key named 'folder'. The value
      of this field is taken as the name of the folder. The key name can
      be changed by editing config.json in the appropriate place.
      Note that the point of logically grouping the contacts into Folders
      is to enable sync of only a subset of your BBDB contacts with an
      external source. This is particularly helpful if you have a very large
      collection of contacts, but are interested in only synching those with
      phone numbers or from yoru company, or any other criterion you can think
      of. Just add the folder note to those contacts, and use that folder name
      in a new sync profile.
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      Sync support for BBDB · 2af8737e
      Sriram Karra authored
      implement all the abstract methods required by the generic
      sync driver. With this code we are able to sync
  21. 09 Apr, 2012 1 commit
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      Support for reading and writing back phone vectors from BBDB · dc95755f
      Sriram Karra authored
      There is an important change in how the phone numbers are managed,
      and this impacts the other DBs as well. As BBDB supports
      arbitrary labels for phone numbers, Each entry that is put
      into the local represntation of vector using add_phone_home() is
      now a tuple (label, number). This will have to be supported by
      the other users of those routines.
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