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    Clean up unwanted state.py helpers related to exgid · bee7acba
    Sriram Karra authored
    We put in a lot of code for exchange store profile management that
    was copid from the outlook code. In particualr the use of the olgid
    profile state flag was replicate. However we now do not need to use
    that methodology at all. Recall that the olgid was used to create
    a custom named integer extended property for each profile involving
    outlook. In Exchange store we just put all of the sync tags as
    part of a separate custom property that is a named string identified
    extended property.
    We could have done something similar for Outlook as well, but I did
    not have this understanding of MAPI / Outlook at that time. Also the
    human readnable XML base protocol has clarified many things and hence
    this enlightnment.
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