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# Contributing to ClickHouse

## Technical info
Developer guide for writing code for ClickHouse is published on official website alongside the usage and operations documentation:

## Legal info

In order for us (YANDEX LLC) to accept patches and other contributions from you, you will have to adopt our Yandex Contributor License Agreement (the "**CLA**"). The current version of the CLA you may find here:
1) (in English) and
2) (in Russian).

By adopting the CLA, you state the following:

* You obviously wish and are willingly licensing your contributions to us for our open source projects under the terms of the CLA,
* You has read the terms and conditions of the CLA and agree with them in full,
* You are legally able to provide and license your contributions as stated,
* We may use your contributions for our open source projects and for any other our project too,
* We rely on your assurances concerning the rights of third parties in relation to your contributes.

If you agree with these principles, please read and adopt our CLA. By providing us your contributions, you hereby declare that you has already read and adopt our CLA, and we may freely merge your contributions with our corresponding open source project and use it in further in accordance with terms and conditions of the CLA.

If you have already adopted terms and conditions of the CLA, you are able to provide your contributes. When you submit your pull request, please add the following information into it:

I hereby agree to the terms of the CLA available at: [link].

Replace the bracketed text as follows:
* [link] is the link at the current version of the CLA (you may add here a link (in English) or a link (in Russian).

It is enough to provide us such notification at once.

If you don't agree with the CLA, you still can open a pull request to provide your contributions.