Commit 6a3896b6 authored by John Westcott IV's avatar John Westcott IV

If post_options came back as None, just return instead of trying to iterate over it

parent c97e3ac6
......@@ -72,6 +72,11 @@ def get_api_options(asset_type):
# Using these we are going to go through the existing node and see if an option
# is required or set to the default value and only take required and non-default values
def map_node_to_post_options(post_options, source_node, target_node):
# If the get_api_post_options fail we could get None.
# if that is the case, just return
if post_options is None:
# First map over the POST option fields
for option in post_options:
# Get the default value for this field from the post_options
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