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workflow docs

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These docs show how to populate an example workflow to show how the feature
can be used.
### Workflow Creation
First, create an empty workflow
tower-cli workflow create --name="Tower-CLI-Workflow-Example" --organization="Default" --description="example description"
### Node Creation
Create nodes inside the workflow
These all become "base" nodes and will spawn jobs on workflow launch
without any dependencies on other nodes.
These commands create 2 base nodes.
tower-cli node create --workflow="Tower-CLI-Workflow-Example"
tower-cli node create --workflow="Tower-CLI-Workflow-Example"
List the nodes inside of the workflow
tower-cli node list --workflow="Tower-CLI-Workflow-Example"
### Node Association
From the list command, you can find the ids of nodes you want to link
assocate_success will cause the 2nd node to run on success of the first
tower-cli node assocate_success 8 12
Auto-creation of the success node, only knowing the parent node id
tower-cli node assocate_success 8 --job-template="Hello world"
### Bulk Creation
To bulk-create a workflow node network, use the workflow schema command
the schema is JSON or YAML content, and can be passed in the CLI
argument, or pointed to a file.
tower-cli workflow schema @file.yml
- job template: hello world
- sucess:
- project: examples
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