Commit eede733f authored by John Westcott IV's avatar John Westcott IV

Fixed stack trace when assets are missing identity fields

parent 6a3896b6
......@@ -337,6 +337,9 @@ class Sender(LoggingCommand):
return True
post_check_succeeded = True
if common.get_identity(asset_type) not in an_asset:
return False
name = an_asset[common.get_identity(asset_type)]
# First, make sure that all of the required options were given to us
......@@ -950,6 +953,10 @@ class Sender(LoggingCommand):
# Loop over all of the new groups
for group in groups:
if 'name' not in group:
self.log_error("Unable to manage group due to name field missing")
group_name = group['name']
# See if we have the group
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