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    Send/Receive feature PR · 090da3fd
    John Westcott IV authored
    Added dependencies and related to POSSIBLE_TYPES
    They are needed for the import functionality
    i before e except after c
    Fixed typo in receive
    Added receive option
    Changed classname from Destroyer to Cleaner
    Added empty command
    Added required=False to scm-type field.
    This field is not required by the API to create a project
    Removed items from export if managed_by_tower = True
    Added credential_type to dependencies for a credential
    This allows resoluation of a credential_type when importing a credential
    Added send command
    Missing __init__.py file
    Added type parameter to cleaner
    Send and Receive now can do json or yaml
    Removed possible types, adding its items into resource objects
    Changed how assets are specified for export
    Added exception if nothing was passed in to process
    Added all option to cleaner method
    Fixed issue where properties added in the source were not caught as needed to be updated
    Added send/recieve/empty docs
    Updated help text for empty
    Move removeEncryptedValues to common
    Added deepclone of asset when determining if asset needs update
    This fixed an issue when removing items in the asset that were later referenced
    Fixed some issues when importing credentials
    Added workflow nodes import/export
    Initial commit of inventory groups/hosts/sources and fix for vault_creds in job_template
    Updated API to strip off /api/vX if passed in as url
    This allows you send URLs retreived from the API back into TowerCLI
    Caught additional exception
    If already parsed Java is passed in you could get a TypeError exception which was not caught.
    Added notification types
    Added workflow name to error message when extracting nodes
    When this condition occurs the message is displayed but in a receive no details are present as to what workflow had the error
    Added all_pages when requesting workflow_nodes
    Allowed for multiple tokens to be saved in ~/.tower_cli_token.json
    Added debug log if asset does not have POST options
    Removed unused import and debug message
    If an object does not have POST options, just return
    Changed how errors are logged
    Added project updates if asset was created or updated
    Removed local_path from SCM based projects
    Changed removal of encrypted values from asset to exported_asset
    Added workflow inventory and credential resolution
    Added inventory group import/export
    Added additional credential types for export/import
    Added options for passwords for new items
    Variablized workdlow node types
    Fixed workflow comparison
    Spell checking
    All post PR fixes for send/receive
    Modified print statements for python3
    Wrapped TowerCLI class in try
    This should give us a better error when performing exports
    Don't get source project if its None
    Fixed user passwords
    Moved projects before inventory
    An inventory with a source from a project requires projects to be created first
    Added inventory source_script resolution
    Another change for comparing workflow nodes
    Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'"
    This reverts commit d8b0d2dbff2713a86aee4c7ca901d789b6e1d470, reversing
    changes made to 87ea5d2c6118f797dd908404974e790df8e4059a.
    Fixed unintended injection of documentation
    Added todo
    Removed comments for pull request
    Removed commants on dropping format
    Fixed bad merge
    Updated for flake8
    Added all_pages to lists
    Better handeling of extra_vars
    Multiple changes
    Made empty take params like receive
    Output of send and empty are now ansible-ish
    Changed function name to python standards
    Extracted 'work' into method for calling programatically
    Fixed missing :
    Fixed newline at end of file causing flake8 failure
    removed closing #'s
    Changed from passing on TypeError to continuing if not a string
    Added min_value and max_value to list of known types
    Changed from .prefix to .get_prefix()
    Moved out touchup_extra_vars so that it applies to all asset_types
    Fixed issue where tox was sending back a json_token of 'invalid' causing issues with the dict
    Added missing POST endpoint
    Use six for string compare
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