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	Document ~/.pgpkey. (Herbert Xu,

	Add support for ~/.nofinger files.

	bsd-finger-0.16 is released.

	Withdrew -R option; finger can figure out on its own if it needs
	  to emit CRs.
	Also, make printing of pts/* ttys work right.

	Rewrote output handling of finger to deal with 8-bit characters 
	  correctly. Also fixed what I think was some uninitialized data
	  displaying ":0" utmp entries.
	Backed out patch 1.15 of finger/util.c because it was completely
	  wrong. Fixed gecos processing _again_.
	Added -R option to finger that causes it to emit CR before every
	  LF. Changed fingerd to use it. This means fingerd no longer 
	  needs to fork.

	Complete y2k and y2038 audit.

	Redid makefiles/config stuff for new confgen version.

	fingerd should now refuse to run as root and bail if it can't find

	Fix finger to not destroy gethostbyname() results with

	Fix fingerd to complain if it can't switch from root.

	bsd-finger-0.10 released.

	More adjustments for glibc.

	Do dynamic column width formatting in short format printout. (HJ Lu)

	Added configure script to generate MCONFIG.
	glibc fixes from HJ Lu.
	Display .pgpkey file in finger (Edward S. Marshall,
	Better utmp handling.

	Split from full NetKit package. 
	Generated this change log from NetKit's.

	Fixed finger to reject .plans that aren't regular files. (Thomas

	Fixed finger's timezone handling. Now gets daylight time right.

	NetKit-0.09 released.
	Fix doc bugs in fingerd.
	Fingerd accepts -p as equivalent to -L for compatibility with
	Assorted alpha/glibc patches. (Erik Troan,
	Assorted bug fixes from Debian. (Peter Tobias,
	Hardened programs against DNS h_length spoofing attacks.
	Use inet_aton() everywhere instead of inet_addr().
	Fixed bug in finger's processing of &'s in full names that probably has
	  security implications.
	Finger doesn't follow symlinks now.

	NetKit-B-0.08 released.
	fingerd uses fork instead of system for running uptime (with -w flag).
	fingerd supports -L flag to run alternate finger client.
	(almost) everything now compiles with lots of warnings turned on.
	fingerd now accepts a new -u flag to reject "finger @host" queries.
	fix bug in finger that prevented matching full names
	  (fix from James Jones <>.)

	NetKit-B-0.07A released.

	NetKit-B-0.07 released.
	Integrated a collection of patches that had been lurking on the net,
	  including the 256-ptys support for telnetd and passive mode ftp.
	Major security fixes, including to fingerd, lpr, rlogin, rsh, talkd, 
	  and telnetd. Do *not* use the sliplogin from earlier versions of this
	  package, either.
	Several of the daemons support better logging.
	Much of the code builds without libbsd.a or bsd includes.
	Massive code cleanup. Almost everything compiles clean with gcc
	  -Wall now. rusers and rusersd do not; patches to rpcgen to fix
	  this would be appreciated if anyone feels like it.
	New maintainer:  David A. Holland,

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.06 released.
	Added a missing argument in a printf to the finger source
	  code. Phil Edge
	"finger -l" prints the standard timezone when it should print the
	  daylight savings timezone. tzname[0] is standard timezone and
	  tzname[1] is daylight savings timezone.  This patch is from Phil
	  Edge. He wasn't too sure about this patch, and I haven't looked
	  into it. Anyone who really knows about this stuff? Look into
	  lprint.c in the finger source. I changed all "1 - daylight" into
	  "daylight"... You could also verify all Linux-specific changes
	  to timezone things. Other parts look also like duplicate work.
	  (Maybe even wrong...)

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.05 released.
	Fixed finger/util.c to cope with XDM login entry in utmp (Leonard

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.04 released.

date not known
	NetKit-B-0.03 released.
	Fixed fingerd to not use 'getdomainname' to get the FQDN.