Commit 06843adc authored by Guillaume Ayoub's avatar Guillaume Ayoub

Add docstrings and use @property when needed.

parent 86dd1b0e
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ parser.add_option(
help="certificate file ")
options, args = parser.parse_args()
# Update radicale configuration according to options
# Update Radicale configuration according to options
for option in parser.option_list:
key = option.dest
if key:
......@@ -18,6 +18,21 @@
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Radicale. If not, see <>.
Radicale Server module.
This module offers 3 useful classes:
- ``HTTPServer`` is a simple HTTP server;
- ``HTTPSServer`` is a HTTPS server, wrapping the HTTP server in a socket
managing SSL connections;
- ``CalendarHTTPHandler`` is a CalDAV request handler for HTTP(S) servers.
To use this module, you should take a look at the file ```` that
should have been included in this package.
# TODO: Manage errors (see xmlutils)
import socket
......@@ -29,10 +44,14 @@ except ImportError:
from radicale import config, support, xmlutils
HTTPServer = server.HTTPServer
class HTTPServer(server.HTTPServer):
"""HTTP server."""
class HTTPSServer(HTTPServer):
"""HTTPS server."""
def __init__(self, address, handler):
"""Create server by wrapping HTTP socket in an SSL socket."""
# Fails with Python 2.5, import if needed
import ssl
......@@ -44,20 +63,23 @@ class HTTPSServer(HTTPServer):
keyfile=config.get("server", "key"),
class CalendarHTTPHandler(server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
"""HTTP requests handler for calendars."""
def _parse_path(self):
_encoding = config.get("encoding", "request")
def calendar(self):
"""The ``calendar.Calendar`` object corresponding to the given path."""
path = self.path.strip("/").split("/")
if len(path) >= 2:
cal = "%s/%s" % (path[0], path[1])
self.calendar = calendar.Calendar("radicale", cal)
return calendar.Calendar("radicale", cal)
def do_GET(self):
"""Manage GET ``request``."""
answer = self.calendar.vcalendar().encode(config.get("encoding", "request"))
"""Manage GET request."""
answer = self.calendar.vcalendar.encode(_encoding)
self.send_header("Content-Length", len(answer))
......@@ -65,8 +87,7 @@ class CalendarHTTPHandler(server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
def do_DELETE(self):
"""Manage DELETE ``request``."""
"""Manage DELETE request."""
obj = self.headers.get("if-match", None)
answer = xmlutils.delete(obj, self.calendar, self.path)
......@@ -76,15 +97,14 @@ class CalendarHTTPHandler(server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
def do_OPTIONS(self):
"""Manage OPTIONS ``request``."""
"""Manage OPTIONS request."""
self.send_header("Allow", "DELETE, GET, OPTIONS, PROPFIND, PUT, REPORT")
self.send_header("DAV", "1, calendar-access")
def do_PROPFIND(self):
"""Manage PROPFIND ``request``."""
"""Manage PROPFIND request."""
xml_request =["Content-Length"]))
answer = xmlutils.propfind(xml_request, self.calendar, self.path)
......@@ -95,14 +115,13 @@ class CalendarHTTPHandler(server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
def do_PUT(self):
"""Manage PUT ``request``."""
"""Manage PUT request."""
# TODO: Improve charset detection
contentType = self.headers["content-type"]
if contentType and "charset=" in contentType:
charset = contentType.split("charset=")[1].strip()
charset = config.get("encoding", "request")
charset = self._encoding
ical_request =["Content-Length"])).decode(charset)
obj = self.headers.get("if-match", None)
xmlutils.put(ical_request, self.calendar, self.path, obj)
......@@ -110,8 +129,7 @@ class CalendarHTTPHandler(server.BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
def do_REPORT(self):
"""Manage REPORT ``request``."""
"""Manage REPORT request."""
xml_request =["Content-Length"]))
answer =, self.calendar, self.path)
......@@ -39,31 +39,33 @@ class Calendar(object):
self.user = user = cal
self.version = "2.0"
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar())
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar)
def append(self, vcalendar):
"""Append vcalendar to the calendar."""
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar())
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar), vcalendar)
def remove(self, uid):
"""Remove object named ``uid`` from the calendar."""
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar())
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar), uid)
def replace(self, uid, vcalendar):
"""Replace objet named ``uid`` by ``vcalendar`` in the calendar."""
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar())
self.ctag = hash_tag(self.vcalendar), uid), vcalendar)
def vcalendar(self):
"""Return unicode calendar from the calendar."""
"""Unicode calendar from the calendar."""
def etag(self):
"""Return etag from calendar."""
return '"%s"' % hash_tag(self.vcalendar())
"""Etag from calendar."""
return '"%s"' % hash_tag(self.vcalendar)
class Event(object):
"""Internal event class."""
......@@ -71,8 +73,9 @@ class Event(object):
"""Initialize event from ``vcalendar``."""
self.text = vcalendar
def etag(self):
"""Return etag from event."""
"""Etag from event."""
return '"%s"' % hash_tag(self.text)
class Header(object):
......@@ -99,6 +102,7 @@ class Todo(object):
"""Initialize todo from ``vcalendar``."""
self.text = vcalendar
def etag(self):
"""Return etag from todo."""
"""Etag from todo."""
return hash_tag(self.text)
......@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@ def append(cal, vcalendar):
path = os.path.join(_folder, cal.replace(posixpath.sep, os.path.sep))
old_objects = []
old_objects.extend([event.etag() for event in])
old_objects.extend([todo.etag() for todo in ical.todos(old_calendar)])
old_objects.extend([event.etag for event in])
old_objects.extend([todo.etag for todo in ical.todos(old_calendar)])
objects = []
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ def append(cal, vcalendar):
for obj in objects:
if obj.etag() not in old_objects:
if obj.etag not in old_objects:
# TODO: Manage position and EOL
fd = _open(path)
lines = [line for line in fd.readlines() if line]
......@@ -106,8 +106,8 @@ def remove(cal, etag):
headers = ical.headers(cal)
timezones = ical.timezones(cal)
todos = [todo for todo in ical.todos(cal) if todo.etag() != etag]
events = [event for event in if event.etag() != etag]
todos = [todo for todo in ical.todos(cal) if todo.etag != etag]
events = [event for event in if event.etag != etag]
fd = _open(path, "w")
fd.write(ical.write_calendar(headers, timezones, todos, events))
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ def propfind(xml_request, calendar, url):
if _tag("D", "getetag") in properties:
getetag = ET.Element(_tag("D", "getetag"))
getetag.text = calendar.etag()
getetag.text = calendar.etag
if _tag("CS", "getctag") in properties:
......@@ -172,13 +172,13 @@ def report(xml_request, calendar, url):
# is that really what is needed?
# Read rfc4791-9.[6|10] for info
for hreference in hreferences:
headers = ical.headers(calendar.vcalendar())
headers = ical.headers(calendar.vcalendar)
# TODO: Define timezones by obj
timezones = ical.timezones(calendar.vcalendar())
timezones = ical.timezones(calendar.vcalendar)
objects = []
if not objects:
# TODO: Read rfc4791-9.[6|10] to find a right answer
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ def report(xml_request, calendar, url):
if _tag("D", "getetag") in properties:
# TODO: Can UID and ETAG be the same?
getetag = ET.Element(_tag("D", "getetag"))
getetag.text = obj.etag()
getetag.text = obj.etag
if _tag("C", "calendar-data") in properties:
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