Commit 4b1b88c8 authored by Aniol Marti's avatar Aniol Marti

Fix typo in d/tests/

parent d75bc6c7
......@@ -7,5 +7,5 @@ echo -n "Test 1: Running..."
/usr/bin/m4 /usr/share/circuit-macros/gpic.m4 /usr/share/doc/circuit-macros/examples/Floor.m4 | /usr/bin/gpic -t > /dev/null
echo -n "Done."
echo -n "Test 2: Running..."
/usr/bin/m4 /usr/share/circuit-macros/gpic.m4 /usr/share/doc/circuit-macros/examples/Sixpole.m4 | /usr/bin/gpic -t /dev/null
/usr/bin/m4 /usr/share/circuit-macros/gpic.m4 /usr/share/doc/circuit-macros/examples/Sixpole.m4 | /usr/bin/gpic -t > /dev/null
echo -n "Done."
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