Commit 80055887 authored by Mickaël Guessant's avatar Mickaël Guessant

IMAP: make IMAP flag to category lookup case insensitive

git-svn-id: 3d1905a2-6b24-0410-a738-b14d5a86fcbd
parent c89d2a94
......@@ -1588,9 +1588,11 @@ public abstract class ExchangeSession {
public String convertFlagToKeyword(String value) {
// first test for flag in settings
Properties flagSettings = Settings.getSubProperties("davmail.imapFlags");
String flagValue = flagSettings.getProperty(value);
if (flagValue != null) {
return flagValue;
// case insensitive lookup
for (String key : flagSettings.stringPropertyNames()) {
if (key.equalsIgnoreCase(value)) {
return flagSettings.getProperty(key);
// fall back to predefined flags
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