Commit b03058c3 authored by Mickaël Guessant's avatar Mickaël Guessant

Caldav: Fix #643 VTODO PRIORITY 0 fails, map it to Normal importance

git-svn-id: 3d1905a2-6b24-0410-a738-b14d5a86fcbd
parent ab12c3be
......@@ -2706,6 +2706,9 @@ public class EwsExchangeSession extends ExchangeSession {
protected static final Map<String, String> priorityToImportanceMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
static {
// 0 means undefined, map it to normal
priorityToImportanceMap.put("0", "Normal");
priorityToImportanceMap.put("1", "High");
priorityToImportanceMap.put("2", "High");
priorityToImportanceMap.put("3", "High");
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