Commit d0794f09 authored by Mickaël Guessant's avatar Mickaël Guessant

EWS: force NTLM in direct EWS mode

git-svn-id: 3d1905a2-6b24-0410-a738-b14d5a86fcbd
parent 42e12383
......@@ -175,6 +175,11 @@ public final class DavGatewayHttpClientFacade {
public static void configureClient(HttpClient httpClient, String url) throws DavMailException {
setClientHost(httpClient, url);
// force NTLM in direct EWS mode
if (!needNTLM && url.toLowerCase().endsWith("/ews/exchange.asmx")) {
needNTLM = true;
if (Settings.getBooleanProperty("davmail.enableKerberos", false)) {
AuthPolicy.registerAuthScheme("Negotiate", SpNegoScheme.class);
ArrayList<String> authPrefs = new ArrayList<String>();
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