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POP3: Improve documentation on trash/sent folders purge, change default value...

POP3: Improve documentation on trash/sent folders purge, change default value from 90 to 0 (disable)

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......@@ -135,8 +135,8 @@ public final class Settings {
SETTINGS.put("davmail.ldapPort", "1389");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.clientSoTimeout", "");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.keepDelay", "30");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.sentKeepDelay", "90");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.caldavPastDelay", "90");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.sentKeepDelay", "0");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.caldavPastDelay", "0");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.imapIdleDelay", "");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.folderSizeLimit", "");
SETTINGS.put("davmail.enableKeepAlive", Boolean.FALSE.toString());
......@@ -13,8 +13,13 @@
<section name="POP Thunderbird mail setup">
<p>There are two ways to access Exchange emails through DavMail Gateway: the good old
and efficient POP protocol, limited to Inbox access and the IMAP protocol that enables
full message folder tree access. IMAP support in DavMail is more recent and less optimised
than POP.
full message folder tree access.
<p>Note that POP is designed to retrieve messages from server and let the client manage storage/folder
organization locally. All POP delete orders will move messages to server trash folder.
In order to avoid quota issues on server, DavMail can automatically purge oldest messages from trash
and sent folders.
<p>This page describes POP3 setup, if you need multiple folders access, proceed to
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