Commit 39055366 authored by Colin Watson's avatar Colin Watson

Consider arch restrictions for command-not-found

parent 292e9e9c
......@@ -2716,7 +2716,7 @@ sub cnf_from_release {
my $filename = substr($path, length($compdir)+1, length($path)-length($compdir)-1);
next if $filename !~ /\.(?:gz|bz2|xz)$/;
my $all_arches = "(".join("|", map(quotemeta, @arches)).")";
next if $filename =~ /^Commands-/;
next if $filename =~ /^Commands-/ and $filename !~ /^Commands-$all_arches\./;
my $size = $file_lists{$path}{size};
if(!(defined($include) && ($subdir."/".$filename)=~/$include/o)) {
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