debtree — package dependency graphs on steroids


Example: aptitude

  1. Graph from apt-cache (for comparison)
  2. Basic graph (only hard dependencies and conflicts)
  3. Basic graph with Recommends
  4. Basic graph with Recommends and Suggests
  5. Basic graph with Recommends and showing alternatives
  6. Default graph (showing Recommends, alternatives and versions)
  7. Default graph with Suggests
  8. Default graph with Suggests and versioned Conflicts
  9. Default graph (rotated)

If the dependencies to alternatives are versioned, they will be indicated by separate arrows with the versions instead of by a single arrow.

Now it's getting obvious that libparse-debianchangelog-perl really should be moved to a separate graph (and if you'd generate a graph for lintian it would become even more obvious).

$ debtree aptitude

Dependency graph for aptitude
Generated .dot file: DOT
Full-sized images: PS | PNG | SVG

Equivalent graph for debconf