Commit 9ea0c126 authored by Alessandro Ghedini's avatar Alessandro Ghedini

Add 03_fix-typo.patch to fix spelling-error-in-manpage

parent 141e1b14
Description: Fix typo
Origin: vendor
Forwarded: no
Author: Alessandro Ghedini <>
Reviewed-by: Alessandro Ghedini <>
Last-Update: 2016-08-02
--- a/markdown.7
+++ b/markdown.7
@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@
supports ordered (numbered) and unordered (bulleted) lists.
-Unordered lists use asterisks, pluses, and hyphens -- interchangably
+Unordered lists use asterisks, pluses, and hyphens -- interchangeably
\-- as list markers:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
* Red
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