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Import Upstream version 2.6

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# Makefile for the doclifter project
VERS=$(shell sed <doclifter.spec -n -e '/Version: \(.*\)/s//\1/p')
doclifter.xml doclifter.1 manlifter.xml manlifter.1
TEST = test.troff
SOURCES = doclifter manlifter Makefile $(DOCS) $(TEST)
SOURCES = doclifter manlifter Makefile $(DOCS) $(TEST) docbook-duck.png
all: doclifter-$(VERS).tar.gz
......@@ -35,5 +35,21 @@ doclifter-$(VERS).tar.gz: $(SOURCES)
rm -fr doclifter-$(VERS)
ls -l doclifter-$(VERS).tar.gz
dist: doclifter-$(VERS).tar.gz doclifter.html manlifter.html
ln -sf doclifter-$(VERS).tar.gz doclifter.tar.gz
doclifter -v
@echo "Expect: Local variable (lst) not used"
@ln -f doclifter
@-pychecker --only --quiet --limit 50
@rm -f doclifter.pyc
dist: doclifter-$(VERS).tar.gz
rm -f doclifter.html manlifter.html doclifter.1 manlifter.1 *.tar.gz
rm -f *.pyc docliftertest.xml
rm -f SHIPPER.* index.html
release: doclifter-$(VERS).tar.gz doclifter.html manlifter.html
shipper -u -m -t; make clean
......@@ -7,16 +7,13 @@ a really good job requires human polishing. This tool aims to do everything
that can be mechanized, and to preserve any troff-level information that might
have structural implications in XML comments.
This tool does most of the hard parts, but not all. TBL tables
diagrams are translated into DocBook table markup and and PIC into
SVG, but EQN is not translated.
This tool does the hard parts. TBL tables are translated into DocBook
table markup, PIC into SVG, and EQN into MathML (relying on pic2svg
and GNU eqn for the last two).
Test loads are included in the distribution. The code has been tested
in about the most brutal possible way; it has been run against every
single man page in all sections of a full Fedora Core installation.
It lifts over 95% of these pages without requiring any hand-hacking.
There is a detailed change log in the RPM spec file.
Eric S. Raymond
November 2003
There is a detailed change log in the NEWS file.
* Docbook 5 translation is incomplete; inclusions won't work,
entities are untested.
* I haven't come up with a reliable way to distinguish command synopses
from stuff that should be treated as plain text. This has a couple
of consequences:
......@@ -17,20 +20,5 @@ Bugs:
* -- is not properly tagged as a command.
Edge cases in which we could do better --
* sox(1), soxmix(1)
These are totally hosed.
Other things to do:
* Stereotyped .in/ta/ti pattern in emacs.1
* Stereotyped .in patterns under DIAGNOSTICS in compress.1.
Big projects:
* Translate EQN to MathXML.
See the BUGS file for other, more minor problems mainly due to bad markup.
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......@@ -21,8 +21,6 @@ your formatter is generating a correct beginning-of-body even after
the section title, and an end-of-body event at the end of the
The -a in this sentence should get decorated with an option tag.
This is an ordinary paragraph started by a \fB.PP\fR macro.
A second line illustrates the effect of filling.
......@@ -225,7 +223,7 @@ Now we'll test PIC translation to SVG.
box "box"
This line tests recognition of \v'-.4m'\fIsuperscripting\*(ic\fR\v'.4m')
This line tests recognition of \v'-.4m'\fIsuperscripting\fR\v'.4m')
This line tests recognition of the \uother\d superscript idiom.
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This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -5,6 +5,10 @@
<refmiscinfo class='date'> Sun Nov 28 2004</refmiscinfo>
<refmiscinfo class='source'>manlifter</refmiscinfo>
<refmiscinfo class='productname'>manlifter</refmiscinfo>
<refmiscinfo class='manual'>Documentation Tools</refmiscinfo>
<refnamediv id='name'>
......@@ -19,8 +23,10 @@
<arg choice='opt'>-f <replaceable>listfile</replaceable></arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-h</arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-I <replaceable>mandir</replaceable></arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-m</arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-o <replaceable>outdir</replaceable></arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-p <replaceable>patch-directory</replaceable></arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-P</arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-q</arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-v</arg>
<arg choice='opt'>-s <replaceable>section</replaceable></arg>
......@@ -110,6 +116,15 @@ the directory, and a contents listing is generated to
this is <filename>/usr/share/man</filename>.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Make a patch to correct the last page fetched. It is
copied, an editor is called on the copy (using tghe environment
variable <envar>$EDITOR</envar>), and then
is called to drop the patch in the prepatch directory. Fails with an
error if such a patch is already present.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Set the output directory into which
XML-DocBook translations will be dropped. By default this is
......@@ -125,6 +140,16 @@ interpreted as a patch to be applied to the manual page foo(N) before
doclifter translates it.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Enable profiling using the Python hotshot module; this
is only useful for tuning <application>doclifter</application> so it
runs faster. Raw data is written to
<filename></filename>, and a digested report is appended
to the log on standard output. Warning: the raw data files can become
huge, and the postprocessing for report generation can take as long
as the actual processing (or longer!).</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Normally, pass the -q (quiet) option to each doclifter call.
In error-filter mode, return a list of files on which translation failed.
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