Commit 3dda0eb4 authored by Mattia Rizzolo's avatar Mattia Rizzolo

Use the mtime instead of the ctime to decide on the latest .changes file.

In some cases where both _arch.changes and _source.changes are present,
their ctime might be the same if they were copied out of the chroot at
the same time (same `mv` call, for example).

Use the mtime instead, which should be more realiable in our case, where
we don't actually care about last changes to the file attributes.
Signed-off-by: Mattia Rizzolo's avatarMattia Rizzolo <>
parent 83ab0443
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......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ try:
if not args.changes:
changes_files = glob.glob('*.changes')
most_recent_changes_file = max(changes_files, key=os.path.getctime)
most_recent_changes_file = max(changes_files, key=os.path.getmtime)
profile = dput.profile.load_profile(
with dput.util.get_interface(profile) as interface:
if interface.boolean(
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