Commit 60415ffa authored by josd's avatar josd

adding --csv-separator command line option to use CSV separator such as , or ;

parent b41d2f56
EYE release
[v19.0202.2255] adding --csv-separator command line option to use CSV separator such as , or ;
[v19.0116.1239] changing cturtle error message (obs from Hans Cools)
[v18.1230.1307] implementing ccd:transformer in ./reasoning/ccd/ccd_rules.n3
[v18.1214.1911] reintroducing --carl switch and original N3 parser
EYE v19.0116.1239 josd
EYE v19.0202.2255 josd
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
:- set_prolog_flag(encoding, utf8).
:- endif.
version_info('EYE v19.0116.1239 josd').
version_info('EYE v19.0202.2255 josd').
license_info('MIT License
......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ eye
swipl -x eye.pvm --
--carl use external carl parser
--csv-separator <separator> CSV separator such as , or ;
--curl-http-header <field> to pass HTTP header <field> to curl
--debug output debug info on stderr
--debug-cnt output debug info about counters on stderr
......@@ -308,7 +309,7 @@ argv([], []) :-
argv([Arg|Argvs], [U, V|Argus]) :-
sub_atom(Arg, B, 1, E, '='),
sub_atom(Arg, 0, B, _, U),
memberchk(U, ['--curl-http-header', '--hmac-key', '--image', '--n3', '--no-skolem', '--plugin', '--proof', '--query', '--tactic', '--turtle']),
memberchk(U, ['--csv-separator', '--curl-http-header', '--hmac-key', '--image', '--n3', '--no-skolem', '--plugin', '--proof', '--query', '--tactic', '--turtle']),
sub_atom(Arg, _, E, 0, V),
argv(Argvs, Argus).
......@@ -640,6 +641,11 @@ opts(['--carl'|Argus], Args) :-
opts(Argus, Args).
opts(['--csv-separator', Separator|Argus], Args) :-
assertz(flag('csv-separator', Separator)),
opts(Argus, Args).
opts(['--curl-http-header', Field|Argus], Args) :-
assertz(flag('curl-http-header', Field)),
......@@ -4556,7 +4562,8 @@ wct([A], [C]) :-
wcf(A, C).
wct([A|B], [C|D]) :-
wcf(A, C),
flag('csv-separator', S),
wct(B, D).
wcf(A, _) :-
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