Commit 6d8662de authored by josd's avatar josd

remove libgmp dependency

parent 294bb135
EYE release
[v18.1121.1531] remove libgmp dependency
[v18.1121.1508] remove libgmp dependency
[v18.1111.2230] introducing eye duo
[v18.0515.2100] making it run with SWI-Prolog 7.7.14
EYE v18.1121.1508 josd
EYE v18.1121.1531 josd
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
:- set_prolog_flag(encoding, utf8).
:- endif.
version_info('EYE v18.1121.1508 josd').
version_info('EYE v18.1121.1531 josd').
license_info('MIT License
No preview for this file type
((!$#)) && echo Missing release message! && exit 1
export RELEASE="v$(date -u +"%y.%m%d.%H%M")"
pushd ~/
if ! cmp /opt/eye/src/eye.prolog eye.prolog >/dev/null 2>&1
export RELEASE="$(date -u +"%y.%m%d.%H%M")"
cat /opt/eye/src/eye.prolog | sed -e "s/EYE.*josd/EYE v$RELEASE josd/" > eye.prolog
sed -i '3 i\[v'"$RELEASE"'] '"$1"'' RELEASE
cat /opt/eye/src/eye.prolog | sed -e "s/EYE.*josd/EYE $RELEASE josd/" > eye.prolog
sed -i '3 i\['"$RELEASE"'] '"$1"'' RELEASE
swipl -q -f eye.prolog -g main -- --version 2>&1 | grep josd > VERSION
sudo ./
......@@ -22,4 +22,6 @@ git pull
git merge master -m republish
git push
git checkout master
git tag -a $RELEASE -m "$1"
git push origin $RELEASE
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