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# Toboot API V2.0

Toboot allows for some interaction between your program and the running bootloader.  This document describes V2.0 of the API, which is defined by a magic value at the start of the header.

## Program Header

Your application binary should have a program header located 0x94 bytes from the start of the binary image.  This places it directly after the interrupt vector table on the EFM32.  The header should have the following structure, which is described in detail below:

struct toboot_configuration {
    uint32_t magic;         // Set to 0x907070b2
    uint8_t  start;         // The starting page for your program
    uint8_t  config;        // Configuration flags.  Defined below.
    uint16_t reserved_gen;  // Reserved value.  Toboot will set this to the generational counter.
    uint32_t lock_entry;    // Set to 0x18349420 to prevent the user from entering Toboot manually.
    uint32_t erase_mask_lo; // A bitmask of sectors to erase when updating the program
    uint32_t erase_mask_hi; // A bitmask of sectors to erase when updating the program
    uint32_t reserved_hash; // A hash of the header.  Calculated by Toboot.

### Toboot Magic

The first block of your program should contain the value 0x907070b2 at offset 0x94.  This tells the Toboot loader to use V2.0 for loading.

### Start Sector

The starting sector indicates where in RAM the first block will be loaded. This value should be located somewhere after Toboot.  It is illegal to load the program into any region populated by Toboot itself -- to perform an update, use a separate program to do the updating, such as [booster](./booster).

Sectors are 1024-bytes large.  To maintain compatibility with AN0042 programs, load your program at offset 0x4000 and set this to `16`.

### Config Flags

Configuration flags are populated in the `config` field of the toboot struct.  The following flags are valid:

/* Toboot V1.0 leaves IRQs enabled, mimicking the behavior of
 * AN0042.  Toboot V2.0 makes this configurable by adding a
 * configuration flag.
#define TOBOOT_CONFIG_FLAG_ENABLE_IRQ       (1 << 0)
#define TOBOOT_CONFIG_FLAG_DISABLE_IRQ      (0 << 0)

/* When running a normal program, you won't want Toboot to run.
 * However, when developing new software it is handy to have
 * Toboot run at poweron, instead of jumping straight to your
 * program.  Set this flag to enter your program whenever the
 * system has just powered on.
#define TOBOOT_CONFIG_FLAG_AUTORUN              (1 << 1)

Other configuration values are reserved and should not be used.

### Lock Entry

Ordinarily, users can force entry into Toboot by shorting out the pads
when applying power.  You may want to disable this behavor for some reason.
Be very careful when doing this, because it can cause a device to become unusable.

To prevent users from entering Toboot by shorting out pads when applying power, set the `lock_entry` field to `0x18349420`.

It is still possible to enter Toboot due to a failed boot, or by setting the magic value.  This also does not disable SWD support.

### Erase Mask

The two bitmasks *erase_mask_lo* and *erase_mask_hi* define sectors that must be erased prior to programming.  If a bit is '1', then that sector will be erased even if it does not need programming.

If a bit is 0, then the specified sector will only be erased if it needs programming.

To erase all of flash (except Toboot), set this value to 0xffffffff 0xffffffff.  To erase only the minimum number of sectors, set this value to 0x00000000 0x00000000.

You should use this to ensure that sensitive data stores are erased before replacing firmware.  For example, secret keys.

### Generational Counter (*internal use*)

Toboot uses this value to determine which program in flash is the newest.  This field is automatically populated when your program is loaded, so you can leave this value unset.  The first program ever programmed will have a generation of "1", and every subsequent program will have a generation of 1 more.

Toboot will launch the program that has the highest generational counter located within a valid Toboot header with a hash that matches.

For example, if offset 0x2000 contains a valid header and has a generational counter of 2, and offset 0x3000 has a valid header and has a generational counter of 3, then Toboot will run the program at offset 0x3000.

This generational counter is computed automatically by looking at all programs on the system and adding 1 to the result.  This result is stored in the `reserved_gen` field.

### Hash (*internal use*)

Toboot computes a hash of the header and stores the result in this field.  The current hash algorithm is xxHash.  A program must have a valid Magic and a valid hash to be considered.  Programs with an invalid hash are not considered.

This field is overwritten by Toboot with the computed hash when the program is first written.

## Watchdog Timer

Toboot sets the watchdog timer.  You must disable it, or start feeding it right away.  A quick hack to disable the Watchdog timer is to write:

*(uint32_t *)0x40088000UL = 0;

## Application Entrypoint

Your application's stack pointer is expected to live at offset 0x0 from the start of your program, and the entrypoint is expected to be at offset 0x4.  This is optionally followed by the standard interrupt vector table.

## Communicating with Toboot

The first 8 bytes of memory (offset 0x20000000 - 0x20000008) are reserved for a Toboot token.  The boot token has the following structure:

struct boot_token {
    // Set this to 0x74624346 and reboot to enter bootloader
    uint32_t magic;

    // Set this to 0 when your program starts.
    uint8_t  boot_count;

    // The bootloader should set this to 0x23 for Tomu.
    uint8_t  board_model;

    // Unused.
    uint16_t reserved;

The value `board_model` is defined to be 0x23.  The `boot_count` value describes the number of times the board has rebooted.  If the board fails to reboot three times in a row, it will enter Toboot automatically.

The `magic` value allows you to force entry into Toboot programmatically.  Set this value to 0x74624346 and reboot.  This can be used as part of a "perform firmware upgrade" process.

## Version Differences

There are several differences between V2.0 of the API and V1.0.  Notable differences include:

* Full program header, rather than reusing unused interrupt vectors
* Bitfield indicating sectors to erase when replacing a program
* Generational counter, allowing program to be placed anywhere in RAM
* Hashed header

Toboot API V1.0 is deprecated and should not be used for future programs.