update lintian overrides for the new binaries provided

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......@@ -3,3 +3,8 @@ source: testsuite-autopkgtest-missing
# There is an issue upstream about signed tags:
# https://github.com/im-tomu/tomu-bootloader/issues/38
source: debian-watch-does-not-check-gpg-signature
# We are providing firmware binaries, not binary executables. These checks do
# not apply
firmware-tomu binary: arch-independent-package-contains-binary-or-object /usr/lib/firmware-tomu/toboot.elf
firmware-tomu binary: unstripped-binary-or-object /usr/lib/firmware-tomu/toboot.elf
firmware-tomu binary: statically-linked-binary /usr/lib/firmware-tomu/toboot.elf
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