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# Binaries for Windows
These binaries are precompiled versions of dfu-util, mirrored from
# File formats
* `ihex` - Intel Hex file useful for tools like Keil ULINK2 or OpenOCD.
* `bin` - Raw binary file can be flashed using OpenOCD, or attached to Booster.
* `elf` - Debuggable versions suitable for playing with gdb, or loading with OpenOCD.
* `dfu` - Raw binary file with DFU suffix
# Files
## `toboot`
Current version of toboot DFU-based bootloader.
## `toboot-boosted`
Self-installing version of Toboot. Flash this using either dfu-util (Toboot) or xmodem (AN0042 bootloader) to move to the newest version of Toboot.
The DFU version was created with the following command:
cp toboot-boosted.bin toboot-boosted.dfu
dfu-suffix --pid 0x70b1 --vid 0x1209 --add ./toboot-boosted.dfu
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