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gmic (2.4.1-3) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Pino Toscano ]
* [684a080] Change builddir of gmic-qt to build-gmic-qt.
Change the build directory of gmic-qt from a subdirectory of the sources
to a top-level directory; this will help debhelper in cleaning the build
directory, as it can just wipe it.
* [b3bdb48] Use debhelper to build & clean everything.
Pass the proper combinations of source & build directories: this has few
- all the proper flags for cmake/qmake are passed, no need to manually
take care of them
- CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/etc are handled too
- the parallel option of debhelper is respected too
Also switch to dh_auto_clean for proper clean handling.
* [c6868df] Move common gmic-qt build flags to a variable
* [03f988c] Disable static build of libgmic.
It is not installed, so do not waste time building it.
* [31a1738] Change build directory to build-gmic.
Use a fixed name for it, so it will be possible in the future to use
artifacts in it in a simpler way.
* [3c0b61d] Link all binaries dynamically.
Switch the build of all the binaries to dynamically link to libgmic,
instead of building their own copies of gmic; this drastically reduces
the build time, and avoids different build configurations for the gmic
build copies in the binaries.
Add a patch for zart so it is possible to specify the right path to the
build gmic libraries.
As result, tighten the libgmic1 dependencies everywhere.
* [536b4d6] Explicitly pass GMIC_PATH for zart
* [770685e] Link in as-needed mode.
Reduce the overlinking, especially now that all the binaries use the
shared gmic library.
[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* [9484742] Merge branch 'build-improvements' into 'master'
Various build improvements
See merge request debian/gmic!1
[ Pino Toscano ]
* [d9a8811] Bump cmake build dependency to 3.12.
This is what the upstream build system requires, and this version is
not in stable.
* [11cb24b] Simplify install files.
Do not specify the destination in case it is the same as the source.
* [700f77e] Stop using dh-exec.
There is no more need for environment variables in install files, so
stop using dh-exec for some of the install files.
* [d2e2a0e] Install the cmake config files of libgmic
* [2eae082] Remove ${shlibs:Depends} from libgmic-dev.
There are no binaries in libgmic-dev.
[ Bernd Zeimetz ]
* [6220b5d] Merge branch 'various-misc-changes' into 'master'
Various misc changes
See merge request debian/gmic!2
* [c03f25d] Don't install CImg.h.
Thanks to Andreas Beckmann (Closes: #913406)
* [bbe531a] cmake >= 3.12 is required.
-- Bernd Zeimetz <> Sun, 11 Nov 2018 17:44:45 +0100
gmic (2.4.1-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* [072ba29] Make d/rules clean work on !amd64.
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