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    forkpty, openpty: split functions into new modules · 9d84afa4
    Eric Blake authored
    The pty module was doing too much - replacing the header and checking
    for functions.  In the future, when we provide a working forkpty for
    Solaris and HP-UX, and a stub for mingw, then the separation will be
    even more useful.
    * modules/pty (Makefile.am): Substitute new witnesses.
    (Libraries): Move library detection...
    * modules/forkpty: ...into new module.
    * modules/openpty: Another new module.
    * modules/pty-tests: Rename and split...
    * modules/forkpty-tests: ...to this...
    * modules/openpty-tests: ...and this.
    * tests/test-pty.c: Rename and split...
    * tests/test-forkpty.c: ...to this...
    * tests/test-openpty.c: ...and this.
    * m4/pty_h.m4 (gl_PTY_H_DEFAULTS): Add new witnesses.
    (gl_PTY): Split library searching...
    * m4/pty.m4 (gl_PTY_LIB): ...into new file.
    (gl_FORKPTY, gl_OPENPTY): New macros.
    * lib/pty.in.h (forkpty, openpty): Honor new witnesses.
    * NEWS: Mention the split.
    * MODULES.html.sh (Misc): Document the modules.
    * doc/glibc-functions/forkpty.texi (forkpty): Likewise.
    * doc/glibc-functions/openpty.texi (openpty): Likewise.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Blake <eblake@redhat.com>
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