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    inttostr: add a new function, inttostr, and tests · db74d417
    Jim Meyering authored
    The namesake function was not available.  The existence of the
    template file, inttostr.c makes its addition nontrivial.
    * lib/anytostr.c: Rename from inttostr.c.
    (anytostr): Rename from inttostr.
    * lib/inttostr.c: New file.
    * modules/inttostr (Files): Add anytostr.c.
    (Makefile.am): Set lib_SOURCES instead of ...
    * m4/inttostr.m4: Remove uses of AC_LIBOBJ.
    * lib/imaxtostr.c: Update use.  s/inttostr/anytostr/
    * lib/offtostr.c: Likewise.
    * lib/uinttostr.c: Likewise.
    * lib/umaxtostr.c: Likewise.
    * modules/inttostr-tests: New file.
    * tests/test-inttostr.c: New file.  Test these functions.
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