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    (x)memcoll: minor tweaks · 277aeb36
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lib/memcoll.c (strcoll_loop): Prefer the style where 'const'
    is after the type that it qualifies.
    (memcoll0): Likewise.
    * lib/memcoll.h (memcoll0): Likewise.
    * lib/xmemcoll.c (collate_error, xmemcoll0): Likewise.
    * lib/xmemcoll.h (xmemcoll0): Likewise.
    * lib/memcoll.c (memcoll0): Correct the comment.  This function
    differs from memcoll in that the NUL byte is part of the argument.
    Omit the abort-checks, as performance is a real issue here.  Plus,
    the checks were wrong anyway (an off-by-one error).  Omit local
    variable 'diff', as it's a bit clearer that way.
    * m4/memcoll.m4 (gl_MEMCOLL): Omit AC_FUNC_STRCOLL, as it's
    no longer needed.
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