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    count-one-bits: port to MSC; support types wider than 64 bits · 75588b6e
    Paul Eggert authored
    The ideas behind the MSC port are stolen from Emacs.
    * lib/count-one-bits.c (popcount_support) [_MSC_VER]: New variable.
    * lib/count-one-bits.h: Include limits.h, for CHAR_BIT.
    Don't include verify.h: it's no longer needed, as types wider than
    64 bits are now supported.
    (COUNT_ONE_BITS_GENERIC): New macro.
    (popcount_supported) [_MSC_VER]: New inline function.
    (COUNT_ONE_BITS): Use it.  New arg MSC_BUILTIN, for better
    performance with MSC.  All uses changed.  Do not assume that TYPE
    has at most 64 bits.
    * modules/count-one-bits (Depends-on): Do not depend on 'verify'.
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