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    parse-datetime: better name than get_date · 2bb63bfb
    Eric Blake authored
    * NEWS: Reword the deprecation notice.
    * modules/get_date: Rename to modules/parse-datetime.
    * modules/get_date-tests: Rename to modules/parse-datetime-tests.
    * m4/get_date.m4: Rename to m4/parse-datetime.m4.
    * lib/get_date.y: Rename to lib/parse-datetime.y.
    * tests/test-get_date.c: Rename to tests/test-parse-datetime.c.
    * doc/get_date.texi: Rename to doc/parse-datetime.texi.
    * doc/getdate.texi: Provide fallback wrapper.
    * lib/getdate.h: Move guts, and wrap...
    * lib/parse-datetime.h: ...new file.
    * lib/parse-datetime.y (get_date): Rename...
    (parse_datetime): ...to this.
    * m4/parse-datetime.m4 (gl_GET_DATE): Rename...
    (gl_PARSE_DATETIME): ...to this.
    * doc/posix-functions/getdate.texi (get_date): Provide fallback
    * modules/getdate (Files): Provide fallback docs and header.
    (Notice, Depends-on): Update references.
    * tests/test-parse-datetime.c: Likewise.
    * DEPENDENCIES: Likewise.
    * MODULES.html.sh (Date and time <time.h>): Likewise.
    * doc/parse-datetime.texi (Date input formats)
    (Authors of parse_datetime): Likewise.
    * modules/parse-datetime (Files, configure.ac, Makefile.am)
    (Include): Likewise.
    * modules/parse-datetime-tests (Files, Makefile.am): Likewise.
    * gnulib-tool: Likewise.
    * m4/bison.m4 (gl_BISON): Likewise.
    Suggested by Bruno Haible.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Blake <eblake@redhat.com>
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