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    Rename module 'c++defs' to 'snippet/c++defs'. · 6045c2ba
    Bruno Haible authored
    * modules/snippet/c++defs: Renamed from modules/c++defs.
    (Files, Makefile.am): Update.
    * build-aux/snippet/c++defs.h: Renamed from build-aux/c++defs.h.
    * modules/arpa_inet (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/ctype (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/dirent (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/fcntl-h (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/glob (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/iconv-h (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/langinfo (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/locale (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/math (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/netdb (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/poll-h (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/pty (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/search (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/signal (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/spawn (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/stdio (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/stdlib (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/string (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/strings (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/sys_ioctl (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/sys_select (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/sys_socket (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/sys_stat (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/sys_time (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/sys_wait (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/termios (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/time (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/unistd (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/wchar (Depends-on): Update.
    * modules/wctype-h (Depends-on): Update.
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