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    Big performance improvement for fts-based tools that use FTS_NOSTAT. · 73d4f7ae
    Jim Meyering authored
    Avoid spurious inode-mismatch problems on non-POSIX file systems.
    Details: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.gnulib.bugs/7416
    * lib/fts_.h (FTS_DEFER_STAT): Define new flag.
    (FTS_OPTIONMASK): Extend the mask to reflect this addition.
    * lib/fts.c (DT_IS_KNOWN, DT_MUST_BE): Define.
    (fts_set_stat_required): New function.
    (fts_open): Defer the calls to fts_stat, if possible or requested.
    Move the code that maps a command-line fts_info value FTS_DOT to FTS_D
    into fts_stat itself.
    (fts_read): Perform any required (deferred) fts_stat call.
    (fts_build): Likewise, for the directory we're about to open and read.
    In the readdir loop, carefully decide whether each entry will require
    an eventual call to fts_stat, using dirent.d_type info if available.
    (fts_stat): Move the test for whether to honor FTS_COMFOLLOW on
    a command line argument into this function.  Update all callers.
    Map a return value of FTS_DOT to FTS_D for a command line argument.
    * modules/fts (Depends-on): Add d-type.  Alphabetize.
    Thanks to Miklos Szeredi for his tenacity and for the initial
    bug report about "find" failing on a FUSE-based file system.
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