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    fabs* tests: More tests. · ff53c39e
    Bruno Haible authored
    * tests/test-fabs.h: New file, partially extracted from
    * tests/test-fabs.c (RANDOM): New macro.
    * tests/test-fabsf.c (RANDOM): New macro.
    * tests/test-fabsl.c (RANDOM): New macro.
    * modules/fabs-tests (Files): Add tests/randomd.c.
    (Makefile.am): Add randomd.c to test_fabs_SOURCES.
    * modules/fabsf-tests (Files): Add tests/randomf.c.
    (Makefile.am): Add randomf.c to test_fabsf_SOURCES.
    * modules/fabsl-tests (Files): Add tests/randoml.c.
    (Makefile.am): Add randoml.c to test_fabsl_SOURCES.
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