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    group-member: omit unnecessary dependencies · 4af1990a
    Paul Eggert authored
    This is for Emacs, which has its own allocator and where we
    don't want to use xalloc.
    * lib/group-member.c: Include xalloc-oversized.h, not xalloc.h,
    since we no longer use xmalloc.  Do not include stdbool.h, since
    the changes below happen to remove the only use of bool.
    (GROUPBUF_SIZE): New constant.
    (struct group_info): Remove n_groups member.  Add groupbuf member.
    This lets us get the groups without using malloc, usually.
    (free_group_info, get_group_info): Adjust to this.
    (get_group_info): Return the number of groups found, or -1 on error.
    Use plain malloc not xmalloc, and treat its failure as if there
    are no groups, as the user already loses in case of error.
    (group_member): Simplify, based on changes to get_group_info.
    * modules/group-member (Depends-on): Remove dependencies on
    xalloc and stdbool.  Add dependency on xalloc-oversized.
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