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    *printf-posix: Avoid test failures. Make tests work on MacOS X, Cygwin. · 45d39ca1
    Bruno Haible authored
    * tests/test-fprintf-posix3.c: Include "resource-ext.h".
    (main): Perform test also when getrlimit and setrlimit don't exist or
    when setrlimit of RLIMIT_DATA fails (like on Cygwin). Instead of
    limiting the address space size using setrlimit, compare the address
    space size before and after the the test.
    * tests/test-dprintf-posix2.c: Likewise.
    * tests/test-fprintf-posix3.sh: Update skip messages.
    * tests/test-dprintf-posix2.sh: Likewise.
    * modules/fprintf-posix-tests (Depends-on): Add get-rusage-as.
    * modules/dprintf-posix-tests (Depends-on): Likewise.
    Reported by Bruce Korb <bkorb@gnu.org> and
    Gary V. Vaughan <gary@gnu.org>.
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