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    deps: require Automake >= 1.9.6 in generated Makefile fragments · 97ddbcfa
    Stefano Lattarini authored
    That is the same minimal version required in the DEPENDENCIES file.
    Moreover, the old code generated a requirement of Automake >= 1.5,
    and that is an insanely outdated version.
    * gnulib-tool: Bump minimal version requirement in AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS.
    * tests/havelib/rpathlx/Makefile.am: Likewise.
    * tests/havelib/rpathly/Makefile.am: Likewise.
    * tests/havelib/rpathlyx/Makefile.am: Likewise.
    * tests/havelib/rpathlz/Makefile.am: Likewise.
    * tests/havelib/rpathlzyx/Makefile.am: Likewise.
    * tests/havelib/rpathx/Makefile.am: Likewise.
    * tests/havelib/rpathy/Makefile.am: Likewise.
    * tests/havelib/rpathz/Makefile.am: Likewise.
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