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    tests: test more substitute headers · 2233a5df
    Eric Blake authored
    Add tests of common headers, in preparation of always providing
    a gnulib wrapper (for improved LINK_WARNING support).
    * modules/ctype-tests: New file.
    * modules/dirent-tests: Likewise.
    * modules/spawn-tests: Likewise.
    * modules/sys_file-tests: Likewise.
    * modules/sys_ioctl-tests: Likewise.
    * modules/sys_wait-tests: Likewise.
    * tests/test-ctype.c: Likewise.
    * tests/test-dirent.c: Likewise.
    * tests/test-spawn.c: Likewise.
    * tests/test-sys_file.c: Likewise.
    * tests/test-sys_ioctl.c: Likewise.
    * tests/test-sys_wait.c: Likewise.
    * m4/spawn_h.m4 (gl_SPAWN_H): Replace header if it is missing.
    * lib/sys_file.in.h (LOCK_SH, LOCK_EX, LOCK_UN, LOCK_NB): Provide
    whether or not flock is in use.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarEric Blake <ebb9@byu.net>