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    dirname: split into dirname-lgpl · 48e0ba6d
    Eric Blake authored
    dirname.h is proving quite useful from multiple LGPL modules,
    given the number of trailing slash bugs fixed in syscalls;
    only the calls to xalloc_die need to remain GPL.
    * modules/dirname-lgpl: New module.
    * modules/dirname (Files): Move library-safe files into
    (Depends-on): Add dirname-lgpl.
    (configure.ac): Declare witness.
    * modules/double-slash-root (License): Relax license.
    * lib/dirname.h (base_name, dir_name): Only declare when using GPL
    * lib/dirname.c (dir_len, mdir_name): Move...
    * lib/dirname-lgpl.c: ...into new file.
    * lib/basename.c (last_component, base_len): Move...
    * lib/basename-lgpl.c: ...into new file.
    * m4/dirname.m4 (gl_DIRNAME_LGPL): New macro.
    (gl_DIRNAME): Use it.
    * MODULES.html.sh (Enhancements for POSIX:2008 functions):
    Mention new module.
    * modules/dirname-tests (Depends-on): Add progname.
    * tests/test-dirname.c (program_name): Delete.
    Signed-off-by: 's avatarEric Blake <ebb9@byu.net>