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    exclude: add support for posix regexps · 24b8e062
    Sergey Poznyakoff authored
    This commit adds support for POSIX extended regular expressions
    and fixes a long-standing memory leak (pattern buffer was never
    freed).  It also implements a new interface function to read
    exclude patterns from a FILE, which passes an additional parameter
    to its callback function, thereby allowing to preserve its state
    between invocations.
    * lib/exclude.c (struct patopts): Pack regex and pattern into union.
    (pattern_buffer): New struct.
    (exclude): New member patbuf.
    (exclude_add_pattern_buffer): New function.
    (free_exclude_segment): Free regexps.
    (free_exclude): Free allocated pattern buffers.
    (exclude_patopts): New function.
    (file_pattern_matches): Use exclude_patopts.
    (add_exclude): support regexps.
    (add_exclude_fp): New function.
    (add_exclude_file): Rewrite using add_exclude_fp.
    (fnmatch_pattern_has_wildcards): Support posix extended regexps.
    * lib/exclude.h (EXCLUDE_REGEX, EXCLUDE_ALLOC): New flags.
    (exclude_add_pattern_buffer): New prototypes.
    * modules/exclude: Depends on regex and filename.