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    Relicense some modules under LGPLv2+. · 7ee9ab7a
    Bruno Haible authored
    lib/float+.h is already under LGPLv2+ since 2007-07-13, per
    Paolo Bonzini's approval for lib/frexp.c and lib/frexpl.c is in
    All other significant changes to the files in lib/ of these modules
    are from me.
    * modules/memcmp2 (License): Change to LGPLv2+.
    * modules/amemxfrm (License): Likewise.
    * modules/fpieee (License): Likewise.
    * modules/fpucw (License): Likewise.
    * modules/frexp-nolibm (License): Likewise.
    * modules/frexpl-nolibm (License): Likewise.
    * modules/printf-frexp (License): Likewise.
    * modules/printf-frexpl (License): Likewise.
    * modules/printf-safe (License): Likewise.
    * modules/signbit (License): Likewise.