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    gethrxtime: better 'inline' · 691d7bd0
    Paul Eggert authored
    * lib/xtime.c: New file.
    * lib/gethrxtime.c, lib/gethrxtime.h (GETHRXTIME_INLINE):
    * lib/xtime.h (XTIME_INCLUDE):
    New macros.  Replace all uses of 'static inline' with them.
    * lib/gethrxtime.c (gethrxtime): Define only if
    this source file is now always compiled, because of the extern inline.
    * lib/gethrxtime.h, lib/xtime.h:
    * m4/gethrxtime.m4 (gl_GETHRXTIME): Do not check for clock macros
    if gethrtime works, as they're not needed in that case.
    (gl_XTIME): Do not require AC_C_INLINE.
    (gl_PREREQ_GETHRXTIME): Remove; all uses removed, as it's always
    compiled now.  Move the check into gl_GETHRXTIME.
    * modules/gethrxtime (Files, lib_SOURCES): Add lib/xtime.c.
    (Depends-on): Add extern-inline.
    (configure.ac): gethrxtime is always compiled now.
    (lib_SOURCES): Add gethrxtime.c.