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    glob: Don't compile replacements on recent glibc systems. · a96f69a5
    Bruno Haible authored
    * lib/glob.in.h: Use the usual idiom for the double-inclusion guard. If
    REPLACE_GLOB is 0, include the system's <glob.h> and use
    * m4/glob.m4 (gl_GLOB): Set REPLACE_GLOB instead of GLOB_H. Accept
    _GNU_GLOB_INTERFACE_VERSION 2 as well. Delete the file conf$$-globtest
    inside the AC_RUN_IFELSE block. Remove GL_GENERATE_GLOB_H conditional.
    * modules/glob (Dependencies): Test REPLACE_GLOB instead of GLOB_H.
    Remove snippet/warn-on-use.
    (configure.ac): Test REPLACE_GLOB instead of GLOB_H.
    (Makefile.am): Create glob.h always. Update list of substitutions in
    glob.h. Don't depend on $(WARN_ON_USE_H).