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    New module 'iswblank'. · f196c56b
    Bruno Haible authored
    * lib/wctype.in.h (iswblank): Don't declare if GNULIB_ISWBLANK is 0.
    * modules/iswblank: New file.
    * modules/wctype-h (Files): Remove lib/iswblank.c.
    (Makefile.am): Substitute GNULIB_ISWBLANK.
    * m4/iswblank.m4: New file, partially extracted from m4/wctype_h.m4.
    * m4/wctype_h.m4 (gl_WCTYPE_MODULE_INDICATOR): New macro.
    (gl_WCTYPE_H_DEFAULTS): New macro.
    (gl_WCTYPE_H): Require it. Remove iswblank related code.
    * modules/iswblank-tests: New file.
    * tests/test-iswblank.c: New file, extraced from tests/test-wctype-h.c.
    * tests/test-wctype-h.c (main): Remove iswblank tests.
    * tests/test-wctype-h-c++.cc: Guard the signature test of iswblank.
    * doc/posix-functions/iswblank.texi: Mention module 'iswblank' instead
    of 'wctype-h'.
    * NEWS: Mention the change.
    * modules/mbchar (Depends-on): Add iswblank.